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House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff Releases: Preserving Democracy - What Went Wrong in Ohio (pdf)

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Stolen Election 2004 (RealPlayer 9:49.6)

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20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

8/21/07 HDNet's Dan Rather Reports: The Trouble With Touchscreens

6/18/07 Senators Demand Justice Dept. Investigation Into Tim Griffin, RNC 2004 Vote Caging Allegations

3/20/07 Forced resignations and stiff prison sentences intensify the escalating blowback from Ohio's 2004 stolen election

11/6/06 Dade Votes Were Possibly Lost In 2004 Election

10/9/06 Video testimony of vote machine whistleblower

6/06 Rolling Stone: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

12/15/05 New tests fuel doubts about vote machines

9/05 The GAO Report on the 2004 Election! (PDF)

7/28/05 Harper's Magazine: None dare call it stolen - Ohio, the election, and America's servile press

7/25/05 What Went Wrong In Ohio?

6/30/05 Team Bush paid MILLIONS to Nathan Sproul-and tried to hide it!

5/26/05 Frost: Fight the (voting) machine

5/24/05 Attack On Election Board Whistleblower In Ohio

5/17/05 Hypotheses of Fraud Remain Credible; New Study

5/9/05 Large payments from Diebold are fueling influence-peddling for a $45 million Cook County/Chicago voting machine contract

4/27/05 House passes bill on early voting, doesn't require paper trail

4/25/05 Failing the Electoral Standards

4/25/05 Novak falsely claimed that Bush and other Republicans "never said" Social Security should be privatized

4/25/05 Media Research Center honored Swift Boat Veterans for "courage" during the 2004 campaign

4/24/05 Senate GOP Moving on Social Security Privatization

4/23/05 Touch-screen voting anomalies found

4/22/05 Coalition wants to radically alter Ohio's elections

4/21/05 Getting the Tally Right

4/21/05 Glitches add up for electronic vote machines

4/20/05 Coulter falsely blamed Arizona county attorney for dropping charges in pie-throwing case

4/18/05 Even after Time's cover story, you still don't know "the real Ann Coulter"

4/18/05 Lambro "reported" on Heritage's online Social Security calculator in "news," then praised it lavishly in "commentary"


4/18/05 E-voting May Face Recall in Florida County

4/18/05 Federal elections hampered by machines

4/18/05 Carter and Baker agree major parties want wide access, voter integrity in elections

4/17/05 A Vote for Paper

4/14/05 Greene County forced to use paper ballots

4/13/05 Doubts fuel touch-screen voting debate in Broward, Miami-Dade

4/13/05 Not funny: James Taranto twice wrongly claimed John Kerry based electoral fraud comments on jokes

4/13/05 Digital voting machines a great step, but where's the paper trail?

4/13/05 Better votes, on paper

4/12/05 Dade studies switch to paper ballots

4/12/05 Democrats!  Paper “Trails” Aren’t Good Enough.  Count The Damn Ballots!

4/12/05 A Rigged "Calculator"

4/12/05 Secret Service visits art show at Columbia

4/11/05 Of Polygraphs, Pulitzers, Patriots and Prevaricators...

4/11/05 Election reform speaker: Electronic voting out of hand

4/11/05 Elections board: Who's running the store?

4/10/05 Kerry says citizens need to pressure lawmakers for voting reforms

4/9/05 Floridians deserve a flawless voting system

4/9/05 America’s Broken Electoral System; Get over it, says mainstream press

4/9/05 Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount

4/9/05 Mainstream media still trying to keep the lid on the vote fraud scandal

4/9/05 Teachers and Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terrorist Threat

4/8/05 Touch screen OK not exactly a vote of confidence

4/8/05 Voting machines aren't trustworthy


4/7/05 NY Times endorsed Bush distortion about Social Security trust fund

4/6/05 Hail to the Robber Baron?

4/4/05 Lambro delivered more Social Security falsehoods

4/4/05 Fox's Jim Angle: stumping for Bush on Social Security?

4/3/05 Democrats Hit Road in Social Security War

4/1/05 Group Says Chance of Exit Polls Being So Wrong in '04 Vote is One-in-959,000

4/1/05 E-voting Corruption record

3/31/05 Verified Voting Legislation Sweeping the States (Actually, CO's bill is VVPAT (paper audit trail))
3/31/05 Coordinated attack on your voting rights happening NOW!

3/31/05 Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered

3/30/05 Voting machine advice irks county

3/30/05 Liberal Bloggers Pounce on Voting Fraud Watchdog Group

3/29/05 Mystery Surrounds ‘American Center For Voting Rights’ Group

3/29/05 Vaporizing votes

3/28/05 Flunking the Carter standard

3/28/05 Diebold to tally local votes 

3/28/05 Campaign strategists say many use paid workers to transport absentee ballots

3/27/05 Voter reform plans have merit

3/26/05 Editorial: Election reform/Carter, Baker tackle it

3/25/05 Jimmy Carter to Chair Election Reform Commission

3/25/05 Illegal voting investigation targets hundreds in 12 Colorado counties

3/25/05 Reforms for voter fraud unveiled

3/24/05 Wash. Post lets McCain's false claim on Social Security go uncorrected, attributed bogus view to privatization opponents

3/24/05 Voter fraud probed in Colorado

3/24/05 Voting reforms set to be proposed

3/23/05 Election reform plan headed for full Senate

3/23/05 Misquoting John Snow, AP overstated Social Security shortfall estimated in new trustees report

3/22/05 AARP Claims Bush's Plan Is A Homewrecker

3/22/05 Blackwell questioned about Ohio's election performance

3/22/05 Hearing on election turns heated
3/22/05 Cheney Joins the Social Security Campaign

3/21/05 Ohio's Blackwell Ridicules Election Fraud "Conspiracy"


3/21/05 O'Beirne falsely claimed poll showed 76 percent of people under 50 "like the idea" of private accounts

3/21/05 Luntz: It is "simply not accurate" to call Bush Social Security plan "privatizing;" until recently, other conservatives disagreed

3/19/05 Legislature approves election reform bill

3/19/05 Provisional ballot counting: wide variations found

3/18/05 PERSPECTIVE: Election reform proposals ignite clash over states rights

3/18/05 A conservative group again overstates the Social Security shortfall, and attacks Democrats for doing nothing.

3/18/05 Hume touted misleading Social Security poll to claim broad support for Bush plan, accuse Dems of "disinformation"

3/17/05 Byron York distorted poll data to claim support for Bush's private accounts

3/16/05 The American Enterprise promotes John O'Neill's continued attacks on Kerry

3/16/05 Sinclair's swift boat fixation: DC bureau chief interrupted Kerry's ANWR news conference to ask about Corsi's "amazing accusations"

3/16/05 Social Security misinformation common on Fox's Special Report

3/16/05 Cal Thomas: Just as "Satan tempts to do what seems good," liberal churches promote "doctrine of salvation through works"

3/15/05 Hannity overstated minority support for private accounts

3/14/05 Paper Trails Aren't Good Enough, Count The Ballots

3/14/05 The Pennsylvania Voters Coalition Releases Election Day 2004 Analysis

3/14/05 Demand to follow vote act grows

3/14/05 George Will confused on Social Security shortfall projections

3/14/05 Christian Science Monitor left out key facts in evaluation of Chilean Social Security system

3/14/05 Gingrich hyped "free lunch" Social Security plan, never mentioned $7 trillion price tag

3/14/05 Fund distorted the facts to defend his, Hume's distortions of FDR

3/14/05 Privatization proponents wrong on public support for Bush plan


3/11/05 Bob Schieffer's CBS Evening News debut featured conservative misinformation on Social Security

3/11/05 Wash. Times wrong on Social Security projections

3/11/05 Progress for America says Social Security will sink like the Titanic, a big exaggeration.

3/10/05 Republicans maneuvering to get Voting Rights Act killed

3/10/05 Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"?

3/10/05 So Much for the New Bush Economy

3/10/05 60 Minutes, O'Reilly suggested Clinton approved of Bush administration "renditions"

3/10/05 GAO issues warning on personal accounts

3/10/05 Conservatives still claim private accounts would improve Social Security solvency

3/10/05 Gillespie made misleading Social Security claim on Hardball

3/9/05 I'd rather not say goodbye, Dan

3/9/05 Securing the Right to Vote as a Citizenship Right

3/9/05 JAPAN: Court nullifies e-voting election result

3/9/05 Emerging Scandal on MD Voting Machine Performance
All MD Diebold Machines on Lockdown

3/8/05 The Velvet Revolution:
Divestiture For Democracy

3/8/05 Republicans maneuvering to get Voting Rights Act killed

3/8/05 The sun revolves around the Earth and George W. Bush won the election in Ohio
3/8/05 Report Shows Problems With Montgomery Voting Machines

3/8/05 AARP Says Social Security Needs "Moderate" Changes

3/8/05 Group Opens $2 Million Drive for Bush Social Security Plan

3/8/05 Gonzales Defends Transfer of Detainees


3/7/05 Legal filing highlights Blackwell's hypocrisy in Ohio recount case

3/7/05 Statement by Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Democracy 21, League of Women Voters and Public Citizen in Support of 527 Reform Act of 2005

3/7/05 Lambro repeated false claim about effect of Bush tax cuts

3/7/05 Greenspan under Fire for Support of Tax Cuts


3/6/05 Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails

3/6/05 Gonzo Gone, Rather Going, Watergate Still Here

3/5/05 Buffett deepens dollar worries

3/4/05 Democratic National Committee Announces Ohio Election Review Team

3/4/05 42 Senators Address Bush on Social Security

3/3/05 Conyers Forces Election Reform on House Floor

3/2/05 The New Voting Rights Movement Begins Here Today

3/2/05 YIKES: Boondocks Cartoon Pulled By Hundreds of Newspapers

3/2/05 Larry Elder misquoted Donna Brazile, used discredited race-based argument for Social Security privatization

3/2/05 Orin cherry-picked from Social Security poll to overstate support for privatization

3/2/05 USA Next is a Republican front group, but you wouldn't know it from watching the news

3/2/05 Social Security Vote May Be Delayed

3/1/05 BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

3/1/05 We must defend voting rights in America, not just Iraq

3/1/05 The Coming End of the American Superpower

3/1/05 Coulter: The Democratic Party "supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery, envy"

3/1/05 Boston Globe reporter used blogs to attack Kerry, support Bush during '04 campaign

2/28/05 Voting in America

2/28/05 Memo to CBS' Bob Schieffer: It's not just critics; Bush administration admits private accounts cost a bundle, don't address solvency

2/28/05 FOX News Sunday's Wallace allowed McCain to continue to mislead about Social Security

2/28/05 Novak misquoted Dean to buttress Social Security crisis rhetoric

2/28/05 FOX's Angle echoed Republican's bogus $26 trillion Social Security shortfall projection

2/28/05 Income Falls, Core Inflation Picks Up

2/26/05 CIA Officers Fear Prosecution Over Questioning: NYT

2/26/05 Vanity Fair: Ohio's Odd Numbers

2/26/05 Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right

2/25/05 DRE voting machines costly to use

2/25/05 On Hardball, Ketchum executive falsely defended Bush's Social Security plan

2/25/05 FOX promoting pro-Bush seniors group USA Next

2/24/05 Pro-privatization Social Security experts on TV are paid for by the right

2/24/05 Angle misled on Social Security benefit cuts to cast Democrat as dishonest -- again

2/23/05 Wanted: Journalists who can keep quiet

2/23/05 Novak called Swift Vets' ads "honest" and "exactly correct"

2/23/05 Dollar drops on reserves concerns

2/22/05 When Democracy Failed - 2005

2/22/05 Tackling Election Reform

2/22/05 Blackwell: Hypocrisy and the arrogance of power

2/22/05 Federal vote panel's hearings not public enough, group says

2/22/05 On public radio, investment adviser delivered Social Security falsehoods

2/22/05 Private-Account Concept Grew from Obscure Roots

2/21/05 Medicare may hit wall faster, harder

2/21/05 A New Target for Advisers to Swift Vets

2/20/05 The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

2/20/05 Credible Evidence Emerges That Jeff Gannon Coordinated With the G.O.P. to Bring Down Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) in 2004 Election

2/20/05 How objective journalism can fail to reveal the truth

2/19/05 Scott Ritter: U.S. Plans June Attack on Iran, 'Cooked' Iraq Elections

2/19/05 Poorest Face Most Risk on Social Security

2/18/05 Week ending February 18, 2005

2/18/05 NY Times echoed DeLay's misleading claims about Social Security cap

2/18/05 Krauthammer claimed Social Security trust fund is "fictional"

2/18/05 How liberal is CBS, really?

2/18/05 An unscripted, off the cuff, unflattering remark about the President’s agenda or policies can cost a journalist his job.

2/17/05 Bush seeks more control
2/17/05 Senators Clinton and Boxer, Representative Tubbs Jones and others unveil major election reform bill

2/16/05 Conservative Sycophants Lose Credibility

2/16/05 Congress Moves To Destroy Netroots

2/16/05 In WSJ online article, du Pont falsely claimed "Social Security taxes are not invested in anything"

2/16/05 James Roosevelt Jr: Hume's "outrageous distortion" of FDR "calls for a retraction, an apology, maybe even a resignation"

2/16/05 Investigator calls voting machine problems a shock

2/16/05 Bush Urges Renewal of Patriot Act

2/15/05 Buchanan falsely claimed that private accounts would address Social Security's fiscal shortfall "down the road"

2/15/05 Wash. Post editorial on Social Security privatization left out key facts

2/15/05 Hannity claimed "absence of evidence" that Kerry "was in combat in Vietnam"

2/15/05 Olbermann: Hume, FOX News committed "premeditated, historical fraud" in distorting FDR

2/15/05 A Corrupted Election

2/14/05 States fall behind on voting-system improvements
2/14/05 Bill Seeks to Fix E-voting Flaws

2/14/05 Report: Fixes saved 1M votes in 2004

2/14/05 Wash. Post article 'shortchanged' the truth about African Americans and Social Security

2/14/05 Payola columnist Armstrong Williams repeated Social Security misinformation in self-syndicated column

2/14/05 CBS Radio's Osgood advanced false claim that FDR favored private Social Security accounts

2/14/05 Democrats Mobilizing on Social Security

2/13/05 Muzzled Activist in an Age of Terror

2/13/05 Blackwell's decisions are raising red flags

2/12/05 Franklin County pinpoints cause of inflated Bush numbers

2/11/05 Angle falsely suggested Bush's Social Security plan won't include benefit cuts

2/10/05 Beyond 'Fair and Balanced'

2/10/05 Investigation of Mercer County voting finds widespread problems

2/10/05 Suspicious Results in New York Senate Race Underscore Need for Immediate Court-Ordered Seizure of All Ohio Voting Machines

2/10/05 Self-evaluation shows Franklin County needs more voting machines

2/10/05 Wall Street Journal's Fund, FOX's Asman echoed Hume's Social Security distortion of FDR

2/10/05 Bill Bennett on Social Security privatization: "[I]f the Democrats were doing it, it would be called positive affirmative action"

2/10/05 Hannity, Bennett misrepresented success of retirement systems in Texas, Chile

2/10/05 Distortions abound as conservatives lauded Bush's "lean" budget

2/10/05 Bill proposes e-voting paper trail

2/10/05 House members angry over Ohio, Fla. no-shows

2/10/05 U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High In 2004

2/9/05 Committee Examines 2004 Election Reforms

2/9/05 Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens, a Bush Supporter, Calls for Ohio Investigation: "There Is Something Wrong About the Ohio Election"

2/9/05 Date for Hearing in New Ohio Recount Case Can Now Be Set

2/9/05 Chaos in Ohio: Blackwell Says G.O.P. Chair Is in Diebold's "Hip Pocket"; Ohio AG Rules Blackwell Order Illegal; Blackwell Says AG's "Playing Politics"

2/9/05 FBI checking Clermont voting

2/9/05 A whistle blower alleges that U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney might have rigged the election in South Florida  

2/8/05 Amway chief gave state GOP $1-million

2/8/05 Former GOP consultant gets 5 months in phone-jamming case

2/8/05 Fixing America's Broken Elections

2/7/05 Battle of the Bills: G.O.P. Election Reform Bill Now Before Senate Considered By Progressive Activists to Be Better Than Democratic One

2/7/05 Hugh Hewitt falsely claimed people under 30 will "get no money" under current Social Security system

2/7/05 WSJ editorial misled on Social Security benefit cuts

2/7/05 CNN continues to mislead on Social Security

2/7/05 Lott supports changes to law governing 527 advocacy groups

2/7/05 States See Growing Campaign to Change Redistricting Laws

2/7/05 Election Officials Work on Making Changes

2/7/05 Bush Proposes Cuts to Scores of Programs

2/6/05 CIA Renditions of Terror Suspects Are 'Out of Control:' Report

2/6/05 Cheney Says U.S. Can Afford Extra Borrowing for Social Security

2/6/05 Bush's budget axe to fall on poor

2/6/05 Why Bush is wrong: His Social Security reforms are neither 'social' nor 'secure'

2/6/05 Paranoia grips the U.S. capital

2/5/05 You're Not Invited - Pennsylvania to conduct Secret 'Re-examination' of Defective Voting System in Harrisburg

2/5/05 Election results are in: Absentee ballots lose

2/5/05 The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election - because it could have changed the election.

2/4/05 Reporters falsely claim that private accounts will address Social Security's solvency problem

2/4/05 Distorting FDR: Bennett and Hume claimed father of Social Security system wanted privatization

2/4/05 CNN economics correspondent wrong again on Social Security

2/4/05 CNN's Woodruff: "I think we're ready to hire Karl Rove right now."

2/4/05 Central bank leaders warn U.S. over massive deficits

2/4/05 Social Security Overhaul Is Long-Standing Conservative Dream
2/4/05 Echoing Bush, conservatives claimed Social Security trust fund is a "myth"

2/4/05 Mimicking RNC "research brief," Hume used out-of-context quote to discredit Reid on Social Security

2/4/05 Conservatives Admit Privatization Will Only Hurt Social Security

2/4/05 In Colorado, the exit polls were spot on for the Senate race. Only Bush's results shifted.

2/4/05 Rumsfeld Debating Whether to Avoid Germany

2/4/05 Cool Reception on Capitol Hill to Social Security Plan

2/3/05 Bush Declares War on the Poor

2/3/05 Printer fails to satisfy e-vote activists

2/3/05 Ohio Attorney-General's attack on election protection attorneys draws mountain of documentation on state's stolen election, including new study on exit polls

2/3/05 Feinstein Gathering Co-Sponsors for Bill to Abolish Electoral College

2/3/05 CNN's Bash vastly overstated projected return on Social Security private accounts

2/3/05 Bush's State of the Union: Social Security "Bankruptcy?"

2/3/05 Ukraine vote yields important lessons for U.S. democracy

2/3/05 Ernest Partridge ''Shut Up!,'' They Explain
2/3/05 NBC's Brian Williams let McCain falsely claim that Social Security trust fund will have "no money at all left" in 15 years

2/3/05 McCain, allies aim to block big money

2/2/05 Only One Side Told in Bush Social Security Pitch

2/2/05 AP: Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse

2/2/05 In State of the Union preview, FOX's Cameron falsely claimed Social Security "insolvent" in 2018

2/2/05 CNN economics correspondent wrong on projected Social Security benefits

2/2/05 Democrats will investigate Ohio vote

2/2/05 New Dispute Over November Election Results

2/1/05 Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse

2/1/05 Some sites show huge vote gaps; 17 wards have at least 100 more votes than voters; 2 miss by over 500

2/1/05 Liberal group's ad falsely claims Bush plan would cut benefits 46 percent.

2/1/05 Fight Bush's Spin: Help Air New Social Security Ad Today

2/1/05 Fair and balanced? Some Democrats are using Bush's pay-for-say media scandals to push for a new Fairness Doctrine for broadcasting.

2/1/05 Sinclair's Hyman wrong on Ohio voting problems

2/1/05 Many Unhappy Returns

2/1/05 Group Notes That New Mexico Secretary of State Vigil-Giron Misrepresents Election Recount Efforts

2/1/05 VIVA 2005 - Ask Your Senators to Stand Up for Election Reform Today

1/31/05 Guantanamo Bay Tribunals Ruled Illegal

1/31/05 Echoing GOP, Heritage Foundation's Beach launched bogus attacks on AARP's Social Security poll

1/31/05 Statisticians refute explanation of 2004 US exit poll discrepancies

1/31/05 Prominent Statisticians Urge Investigation of 2004 U.S. Presidential Election Results

1/31/05 "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"

1/27/05 Diebold to Market Paper-Trail E-Voting System

1/27/05 'Political payback' nothing new to Ohio official

1/27/05 Suspects plead not guilty in scheme to fund election campaigns

1/27/05 Governors Have Little to Say About Election Reform

1/26/05 Turner calls Fox network 'propaganda voice' for government

1/26/05 At Guantánamo, a grim protest is disclosed


1/25/05 Vote machine maker settles whistle-blower suit

1/25/05 Voting problems draw out intense activists

1/25/05 Giant in decline

1/25/05 Guantanamo, The United States' Auschwitz

1/25/05 Wash. Times columnist/political correspondent Lambro claimed that Dems "oppose doing anything about Social Security's coming insolvency"

1/24/05 Revote? If Florida and Ohio go first

1/24/05 Election Chiefs' Politics Spark Debate

1/24/05 U.S. Attorney To Investigate Duval County Voter Fraud

1/24/05 Central banks shift reserves away from US
1/24/05 Dollar at mercy of central banks
1/24/05 Without evidence, Angle claimed Democrats oppose Social Security reform

1/24/05 Arkansas in 2004: Did Bush Really Win?

1/23/05 Voting machines probed

1/23/05 J. Kenneth Blackwell: The “J” is for Judas
1/21/05 Bush/Rove's new Ohio attack is about revenge, intimidation and contempt for American democracy

1/21/05 Does Social Security Really Face an $11 Trillion Deficit?

1/21/05 Hannity miscast nonpartisan CBO's estimate for Social Security solvency as partisan Democratic claim

1/20/05 Open Letter to Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro from Representative John Conyers, Jr.

1/20/05 New MSNBC contributor Crowley already contributing to Social Security confusion

1/20/05 Bush is taking a huge gamble with his assault on the social contract

1/19/05 Poll: George Bush Has Made the World More Dangerous

1/19/05 New Doubts on Plan for Social Security

1/19/05 Gonzales Says '02 Policy on Detainees Doesn't Bind C.I.A.

1/19/05 O'Reilly denied well-documented Ohio voting problems

1/19/05 Wash. Times used 1998 Clinton quote to imply he thinks there is a Social Security crisis now

1/19/05 VOTE 2004: FAIR OR FRAUD?
1/19/05 Ohio's GOP Attorney-General launches revenge attack on Election Protection legal team

1/19/05 Developing: Nine Judiciary Committee Democrats call on chairman to hold formal hearings on voting irregularities and reform

1/19//05 Judge Denies Motion To Stop Clerks From Erasing Election Data

1/19/05 Trashing the Exit Polls

1/19/05 Key Election Evidence Destroyed

1/18/05 Social Security Deception Funded With Taxpayers' Dollars

1/18/05 White House Forces Social Security Administration to Mislead Public

1/18/05 Majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's Iraq policy, polls say

1/18/05 What are they hiding in New Mexico?

1/18/05 One Last Election Lesson

1/18/05 A Televisual Fairyland: The US Media is Disciplined by Corporate America into Promoting the Republican Cause

1/18/05 ABC News' Moran let Bush have it both ways on Social Security privatization

1/18/05 More Social Security misinformation on Meet the Press

1/18/05 Kerry criticizes election outcome at MLK Day breakfast

1/17/05 Key Election Evidence Destroyed

1/16/05 Social Security Enlisted to Push Its Own Revision
1/16/05 Bush Says Election Ratified Iraq Policy

1/15/05 Social Security Ads: Risk or Protection?

1/15/05 Social Security Tax Hike Feared

1/15/05 Recount Backers File Suit; Group Wants Nov. Vote Records Saved

1/14/05 Conservative misinformation dominates coverage of Social Security issue

1/14/05 USA Today Social Security commentary riddled with falsehoods

1/14/05 Fla. voting machines have recount flaw

1/14/05 House members want criminal investigation into Ohio's Blackwell

1/14/05 Social Security, solvency and political spin

1/13/05 Hollow Accountability

1/13/05 The Fake Crisis

1/13/05 Privatization proponent Pete Peterson misrepresented Social Security trust fund

1/13/05 Conyers, Blackwell duel over voting report

1/13/05 Ohio shift hurts Diebold

1/13/05 Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines

1/12/05 Bush Was AWOL

1/12/05 N.M. OK to clear data from voting machines

1/12/05 Election panel debates ‘fraud’ 
1/12/05 No electronic voting for Ohio

1/12/05 Secretaries of state to debate call for making post nonpartisan

1/12/05 4 Britons and an Australian to Be Freed at Guantánamo

1/12/05 Ohio Court Dismisses Election Challenges

1/11/05 Inauguration to Get Unprecedented Security

1/11/05 Lawsuit Over Ohio Voting Dropped

1/11/05 Bush launches PR campaign to change Social Security

1/11/05 In GOP, Resistance on Social Security

1/11/05 In CBS memos coverage, media ignored -- or even denied -- credible evidence that Bush failed to fulfill National Guard duty

1/11/05 Good Morning America promised to cut through "white noise" of Social Security rhetoric, but instead provided some of its own

1/05 "We the People Do Not Concede"

1/10/05 What Happened in Ohio

1/10/05 Barbara Boxer: Hero for a New Generation of Democrats

1/10/05 The Last Man To Concede...

1/10/05 CBS Fires 4 after Bush Guard Story Review

1/9/05 Investment Pros See Bonanza in Bush Social Security Plan

1/9/05 Many Americans refuse to concede 'stolen election'

1/8/05 Survey: Few troops use new voting options

1/8/05 With election certified, debate over voting systems heats up

1/8/05 Electoral Vote Challenge Meets Venomous Response in Congress

1/8/05 No Geneva Conventions for Non-Iraqi Fighters

1/7/05 In Defeat, a Victory?

1/7/05 More fake "news" from the Bush administration

1/7/05 "KKK Man" Held for 1964 Murders: The three men were killed as they campaigned to register black voters.

1/6/05 Evidence of Election irregularities in Snohomish County, WA, GENERAL ELECTION, 2004

1/6/05 Group seeks to change vote process

1/6/05 RNC: What They're Saying About Ohio

1/6/05 Senator Boxer: Why I Must Object

1/6/05 Democrats Force Debate on Election Mishaps

1/5/05 The "Crime of November 2"

1/5/05 AP made unsupported claim about expected benefits under Bush Social Security proposal

1/5/05 What you won't learn from Wash. Post about Bush's Social Security plan

1/5/05 CBS News again carried water for Bush Social Security plan

1/4/05 White House May Want $100 Billion More for War

1/4/05 Privatizing Social Security a fake solution to a fake crisis

1/4/05 Social Security benefits may change

1/3/05 Two-thirds of Florida's provisional ballots rejected

1/3/05 Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

1/2/05 Christian leader threatens N.M. senator over judicial votes

1/2/05 U.S. Plans Lifetime Detentions with No Trial

1/2/05 Ohio recount highlights continuing vote trouble

1/1/05 Fresh Details Emerge on Harsh Methods at Guantánamo

12/31/04 Justice Dept. Rewrites Memo on Torture

12/31/04 Ohio's Official Non-Recount Ends amidst New Evidence of Fraud, Theft and Judicial Contempt Mirrored in New Mexico

12/30/04 In Ads, AARP Criticizes Plan on Privatizing Social Security

12/30/04 Legal Breach: The Government's Attorneys and Abu Ghraib

12/30/04 Ohio Judge Denies Knowing Of Presidential Election Fraud Plot

12/30/04 Cobb Calls On Congress to Reject Tainted Electoral College Votes

12/28/04 Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray
12/27/04 Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede Election Challenge likely on Jan 6th

12/24/04 Bill Moyers: "Our Democracy is in Danger of Being Paralyzed" (RealPlayer 57:58)

Download RealPlayer

12/24/04 Kerry votes switched to Bush and ballots pre-punched for Bush

12/24/04 Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul

12/23/04 Mock the Vote

12/23/04 A great video documentary of Ohio by the Free Speech Zone posted on http://onegoodmove.org: Part 1  Part 2

12/23/04 Bush Plans Media Blitz on Social Security

12/23/04 Electors Call for National Voting Reforms

12/23/04 Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

12/22/04 In Ohio, 1 in 50 Votes Didn't Count

12/20/04 Ohio Recount: Interview with Chair of Franklin County's Board of Elections

12/13/04 Clint Curtis sworn testimony before members of House Judiciary Committee

12/10/04 Media reports pave the way for Social Security privatization

12/6/04 Clint Curtis' dog shot and killed...

12/5/04 Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

11/26/04 Media Blackout on Election Fraud by Media News Group

For more news about voter reform and investigation:



www.cfvi.org (Coloradoans For Voting Integrity)


For REAL news, don't watch TV:

but if you do, make sure to keep an eye on http://mediamatters.org/

and www.factcheck.org



Listen to the radio:

www.airamericaradio.com (yes there are human beings on the radio... finally) - in Colorado 760 AM ( www.760thezone.com )

www.kgnu.org - in Colorado 1390 AM

www.npr.org - in Colorado 1340 AM KCFR


Not news, but interesting links:

Project for the New American Century

Campaigning for America's Future (Social Security)

Protect Social Security by Signing this Petition

Social Security Calculator

14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism


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