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This strip is self-syndicated, so if you would like to run this strip in your publication (weekly or not), you can!  Just contact me and ask me how before I get too famous and big headed to bother responding to my e-mails (ha!).  Click on the above image for the strip archives.

Here are some guidelines, in case you’re not sure how much to pay.

  • Local publications: $25-$100 per cartoon. (Minimum of $50 for color).

  • National publications: $50-$500 per cartoon.

  •  Personal websites: I don’t charge folks to use my cartoons on personal homepages, but I’d appreciate a link to squidworks.com/Stan/Wang.

  • Commercial websites or large non-profit websites should propose a fair price based on your budget. I’d suggest a range of $25-$125 per cartoon.

  • In addition to all that, I’d love a contributor’s copy of your publication, if possible. I accept payment via check or paypal.

To purchase a cartoon, just send me an email. In your email, be sure to include:

  • The title or URL of the cartoon you’d like to reprint.

  • How much you’re offering to pay. Information on where I should email, mail or fax you an invoice.

  • Any other information you want me to know.

Once we’ve reached an agreement, I’ll email you a print-quality image of the cartoon. Don’t try printing from the images available online; those images are only 72 dots per inch, and will print “fuzzy.”

Interested in purchasing the original artwork or a print of The Wang?

Purchase original artwork for $250 USD: 

Purchase signed print for $10 (+ shipping & handling) USD:

To commission an original strip or illustration, just send me an email.

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Project Wonderful - Your ad here, right now, for as low as $0.00

Project Wonderful - Your ad here, right now, for as low as $0.00

The Wang: Erection Year

A Collection of Strips by Stan Yan


"What if Charlie Brown grew up?" is how Wade Busby of The Guide described Eugene Wang, the protagonist of Yan's graphic novel series, The Wang. "And what if Charlie Brown was Asian?" is the rhetorical question Yan dares to ask in this latest bound edition. The result is this attractive, square-bound collection -- a pu pu platter of inside jokes that give readers a flavor of what it is like to grow up as an Chinese-American in a white bread town like Denver, Colorado. In addition to the introduction of Dildo, Kristin's popular new pet wiener dog, story lines revolving around insider trading in the stock brokerage industry, ... and the US Presidential erection (ahem) election run of Eugene's college roomie and self-made motivational speaker, George, will leave readers full of laughter, and hungry for more an hour later.

ISBN/EAN13: 0975504185 / 9780975504185, 60 pg. b&w 8.25" x 6" book with color, square bound cover. Mature.  $6.95 US.  Shipping December 2009.  Also available via Amazon!

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Previews of contents available via The Wang webcomic



8/6/10 "...nothing but funny and the art is fantastic." ~Chris Reilly, Guttergeek, TCJ

2/10/10 "Balancing Act" ~Rob Clough, TCJ

2/8/10 "The Wang: Erection Year is definitely worth a read" ~Justin Giampaoli, Poopsheet

1/310 "Funny chit, absolutely funny chit" ~Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Online


The Wang: Who's Your Daddy?


by Stan Yan


The long-anticipated sequel to the underground hit, The Wang: The BIG One.  As successful as The Big One was a combining what Jeff Chon (Arbiter of Good Tast, Sequart.com) calls, "An Asian-American sex comedy" with "a laugh-out-loud tragedy," Yan feels Who's Your Daddy" one-ups its predecessor by weaving into the mix, "the best murder mystery I've ever written."  


Available via Diamond Comic Distributor's Previews order #OCT06 3639, , Baker & Taylor Book Distributors, Tony Shenton or Dimestore.  Pick this book up at an official Squid Works retailer or ask your favorite comic store to purchase it on your behalf.  If you still can't get a hold of this book, order online here!



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The Wang: The BIG One

by Stan Yan

The Wang is a series that was spawned from the On-Campus Crusader series characters.  However, Stan has taken Eugene out of his tights, taken him off of steroids, and we're going to attempt to get him graduated from college despite the efforts of Chief, his girlfriend, and his overbearing mom.  Available from July Previews!  96 pgs., b&w comic, full color square-bound cover, mature.  $9.95, order #320.  Also available is the $2.00 "The Wang: Premature 0" 24-page preview issue, order #321(click on image to find out more about both).

Available via Diamond Comic Distributor's Previews order #JUL043126, Baker & Taylor Book Distributors, Tony Shenton, and Dimestore.  Pick this book up at an official Squid Works retailer or ask your favorite comic store to purchase it on your behalf.  If you still can't get a hold of this book, order online here!

Or at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Borders << PLEASE HELP STAN BY SUBMITTING REVIEWS!

The Wang

(S,M,L,XL, 2XL)

Ringer $20.00 US


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The Pre-History of the Wang: The Superhero Years by Stan Yan

Have you ever wondered what the sortid history was behind Stan Yan's notorious "Wang"? The cast of characters of "The Wang" didn't get screwed up overnight. Updated weekly on Tuesdays!

<<<Click to view for FREE! (PG-13 - for language, nudity, and blasphemy)



3/21/2006 Intro To Webcomics in the Pulse


The Third Chapter of The Pre-History of THE WANG: Only Chaos

by Stan Yan

Eugene, in vigilante style, goes on a soul-searching road trip to the city of sin, Las Vegas. Death lurks in the Nevada desert, and it could likely mean the end for the On-Campus Crusader.  The third installment in the On-Campus Crusader trilogy.  32 pgs.  #0155 Magazine, Mature, $3.95 US 

 Also available through FM International.


Coming soon: "The Pre-History of THE WANG" the webcomic!


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