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7/28/2010 Knife in Face Comics Presents: Stan Yan's Comic-Con 2010 Report


SubCulture the webcomic!

Stan and Kevin have been working hard on new strips, and they are tickled to announce that the first new strip will launch February 26th, and new strips will follow every Tuesday and Friday. In preparation, the first six promotional strips, done last summer, will be rerun and serve as the first in what we hope to be a long, continuous streak of new material. Hope you join us!

See events page for schedule of signings!

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11/9/08 “This is one of those comics that you’ll enjoy if you give it a chance.” ~Delos, ArtPatient.com


The Wang - the webcomic!

Borne from the characters from the critically-acclaimed and provocative graphic novel series, this new weekly strip views current and universal social, political and human issues through the eyes of The Wang’s relationally dysfunctional cast. Rated PG-13 - for language

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10/28/08 "Every strip has a laugh, even when it is really meant to set up for a larger joke." ~Kevin Huxford, Schwapp

"Satirical cartoon of present-day US. B&W, good art. If you read MAD-magazine back at the day or like Crumb-style art, this is for you." ~Garfunkel, Iron Tower Studio, 10/27/2008

9/2008 "If you're tired of the same ol' comic book furfural you should definitely check out the Wang." ~Tony DiGerolamo, Knights of the Dinner Table #143

9/2/08 "Yan's not an innovator, but he's a worthy artist to carry on a tradition of the grotesque in comics." ~Rob Clough, High-Low, Sequart.com, 9/2008


REVVVelations by Jolyon Yates and Stan Yan

Imagine the future of this country where corporations have usurped control of the states; where corporate mercenary war fallout has left humanity rampant with genetic mutation; AND, where your TV remote has an on/off button, volume control, and only ONE channel… because you only NEED one channel for the craze that’s sweeping the nation: the RACE!

This is the world of REVVVelations. Enter Moose and Essie, our fearless guerilla TV broadcasters – chased by FCC agents into the CoorGen Mountain Regional Race. These two archrivals are forced to put their social and professional differences behind them and join forces, battling their personal ghosts, to stay alive -- but more importantly -- professionally viable in their quest to deliver REAL news!

REVVVelations is an action adventure jam packed with humor, reliousity, romantic tension, and mutant disfigurations.  Oh, and YES, there is cannibalism, but it’s really not polite to talk about, even though everyone knows it happens.

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11/11/08 Interview of Stan Yan with Jen Contino on The Pulse

8/18/07 "Gotta say I love the style of this - Death Race 2000 meets 1984." ~James, Front-Runners.net

2/2007 "REVVVelations is how I like my comics: darkly funny, hugely violent, and expertly drawn." by Daniel Bristow, Tales of Adventure

1/15/2007 "Webcomics Profusion" by Beth Davies-Stofka, Library of Babble (Broken Frontiers)


24 Hour Comics by Stan Yan

This is where Stan collects his 24 Hour Comics Stories, including Pirates of the Craftsman, Filthy Folly, The Sleepwalker, Nene Crossing, and The Attempted Murder of Frogoggy Poliwogs.

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PLAYER MAP Launches Opal - Sales Diva, an Edgy Cartoon iPhone App

Sales diva, Opal takes her biting, humorous shots at old-school selling in free comic strip

Milwaukee, WI (Vocus/PRWEB ) August 26, 2009 - Scott Leland, PLAYER MAP president and author of the cartoon, created Opal to poke fun at outdated but still common sales notions. Opal is a "sales diva" who unleashes her incisive wit on old-school selling methods. The ensemble cast also features the character Larry, who is trapped in time defining sales in the mythical "good old days," and Miles, a sharp character who is new to sales and challenges the status quo. The strip features the art of Stan Yan, of Squid Works Comics.

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Commission one from me today!

- Archive -

Cartoons of Mass Destruction by Stan Yan

Political cartoons and miscellaneous comic strips by Stan Yan

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Mr. Flingpoo: Press Corps Whore by Stan Yan 5/2005


It's easy enough for a male prostitute with a $50 journalism degree from an online "news" service in existence for 96 hours, using a false name to get a White House press pass, so certainly a monkey could do it.  Created by Ethan Wenberg, written and drawn by Stan Yan.


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The Pre-History of the Wang: The Superhero Years by Stan Yan

Have you ever wondered what the sortid history was behind Stan Yan's notorious "Wang"? The cast of characters of "The Wang" didn't get screwed up overnight. Updated weekly on Tuesdays!

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3/21/2006 Intro To Webcomics in the Pulse

The Potlatch Infestation by Stan Yan

As co-publisher for Potlatch: Comics to Benefit the CBLDF, Stan Yan ended up with an inordinate number of these books in his basement.  So, in the past few years, he's tried to turn that to his advantage by offering it as an enticement for FREE to folks at conventions with any purchase.  Much to Yan's surprise, people have become growingly suspicious that they are getting something that big for free.  Whadda they have to worry about?  That's what this story, The Potlatch Infestation is about.  Starring characters from Yan's The Wang graphic novels.

(The Potlatch Infestation front cover shown to the left)

Title: The Potlatch Infestation

Written, pencilled, inked, toned, and lettered by Stan Yan

Intended Audience: General

Format: 8 page b&w digest

Retail Price: $1.00 US

Squid Works Order #0322




What do you do if you fear you may have a Potlatch Infestation?

"Stan Is", by Stan Yan  11/2003

This is Stan's contribution to experimental comic anthology,  "Is", compiled by the Young American Comics.  Invited contributors went to www.googlism.com to find out who they were according to the googlism search engine when they entered their first name.

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Adobe Acrobat required to view.  Download the latest version of Acrobat at www.adobe.com

"Sunday Driver" by Stan Yan 5/2003

This is Stan's contribution to the comic release,  "Potlatch 3: Comics to Benefit the SPA" 

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Adobe Acrobat required to view.  Download the latest version of Acrobat at www.adobe.com


Tickle Tape by Stan Yan  Daily

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Vote of the Living Dead, Part 1 by Stan Yan 12/2004

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This story also available in "A United Front 2003"


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